On the pre-holiday days, from December 25 to December 27, in the Uzkurgazmasavdo Pavilion, a New Year Fair 2014 was be held.

At the fair was be presented consumer goods of a wide range, demanded for the New Year’s table of residents and guests of the capital.

Various culinary products using bread, many types of bakery products, confectionery products – candy, chocolate, cakes, jam, jam, marmalade, marmalade, confiture, cookies and much more.

At the exhibitions there was be fresh vegetables and fruits, meat products, including sausages, rolls, kazy and others.

The buyers was delight for, where they was be presented a variety of seafood, conservation of the widest range, marinades, as well as dairy products, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, various juices of domestic and foreign production.

In addition to food stalls, cosmetics and much more.

At the fair a concert and entertainment program was be organized with the participation of stellar pop and multiple prize entertainment competitions for children and adults.